If you’re like me (and about half of the world’s population) you find sites that add stupid captions to stupid pictures…stupid. It’s not that they’re not trying, it’s just that they’re not trying. They aren’t funny or cute and I downright can’t stand’em. Maybe I have a thing against other people’s pets or maybe I just hate illiterate bastards (“But Michael…I just read a dozen of your posts and you have the worst grammar I’ve ever seen. Haven’t you heard of Spell Check you moron?” I know, I know…STFU). What’s “cute” in your head doesn’t translate in the real world so don’t even try. For example:

The above is a photograph I took of Muffins last summer (with my iPhone 3G by the way…not bad, huh?). Maybe one or two of you found this “cute” or funny in that stupid way I talked about earlier. The rest of you would like to punch my face in. I understand. Now, let me try it again…

Better? Of course it is! Because I’m not trying to sound like a elementary student on crack. “STFU and get to the review” you say? Alright, I was able to make the above pic with an application called, iLOLZ (iTunes). The real beauty about this application is that I can put WHAT I WANT for a caption. And the possibilities are endless…it doesn’t always have to be about your stupid pet. In fact, I’ve got a bachelor party this weekend I have to go to and believe me, my friends will be embarrassed the proper way on Facebook* ;) If you’re looking for a fun, photo annotator to charm your girlfriend, impress your grandmother or shame your friends for the lousy sons of bitches they truly are, pick up iLOLZ.

AppAttack :D

*Version 1.1 now supports landscape mode so the naughty pictures I plan to take of strippers on stage should go swimmingly this weekend.

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