The Silver Screen & All It’s Sad Goodbyes

Yeah I stole the title of this post from the song Careless Whispers by George Michael. You can call me a gay sissy flower pants, I don’t care. It’s probably one of my all time favorite songs and will remain that way until I say so. Such a cool song. The reason I bring it up is because in the song, George Michael (or G Mika-whadda-tat as I like to call him…I make up names for everyone I know. Their parents lacked creativity) sings “calls to mind the silver screen and all it’s sad goodbyes”. I have no clue what he means by that but it sounds awesome. As you know, I watch movies all the time. There’s nothing to do in this damn town besides feeding your neighbor’s dog Skittles in hopes that it shits rainbows (so far, no). So I watch movies all the time. I realized this afternoon that I haven’t told you about Flixster (iTunes).

It’s a fairly simple application that allows you to see what movies are playing in your local theater along with upcoming movies and dvds (or “Blu Rays” for those who have a job). Some of the movies also have a wide variety of pictures to thumb through. The above is take from District 9 which comes out Friday and I’m damn excited to see it. That is unless Gritchen shits a rainbow. Then we’ll have to throw a party at town hall and put the movie off until Saturday.

AppAttack :D

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