Your Brain on Crack

Alright, I just spent half of my Saturday writing a “review” (the one you read after this) and I need to go outside and play. The neighborhood kids are selling lemonade again and I feel it’s my utmost duty to drop one of Muffin’s notorious balls of hair in their pitcher of lemonade. It’s nothing personal. I’m trying to teach them a lesson that they need to go down on their prices. With the economy going to shit, a nickel is just too damn pricey for a glass of lemon juice and sugar.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene (iTunes) is just as good as the reviews say it is. I haven’t made it very far but I have a hard time putting it down once I start. I also don’t wanna post any pictures because the game does “evolve” as you play each new level, adding a little bit of excitement to the mix. Five dollars is a little pricey so if you wanna wait for a price drop, I understand. But if the temptation to spend money on just one more app looms over your shoulder, click that “Buy” button. It’s certainly worth it.

AppAttack :D

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