Tap Tap NIN Edition

OK…I’m gonna be late for work but I’m too excited. In fact, I wet myself. Perhaps that will be my excuse for being late? Tap Tap NIN Edition came out sometime last night. I downloaded via WiFi to my phone and ended up going to bed late, now I’m running late, but it’s all worth it in the end. I’m not really a fan of the first Tap Tap game. There’s a song (I think the first song you play) and a man’s voice chimes in saying things like “Mmmhmm” and “Yeahhh”. It sounds creepy. Like some old pervert is looking over your shoulder when you’re playing, getting turned on by the whole experience. Yuck. I had heard Trent Reznor had his say in the making of this game which got me REALLY excited. Just a few months ago, my friends Frank and Moose bought me some tickets for a NIN concert for my birthday. It was one of the MOST AMAZING concerts I have ever been to. It’s a spectacle you owe to yourself to witness first hand. The lights, the music, the lights…amazing. The Downward Spiral (not included in the game) is a masterpiece of angst and depression…who DOESN’T own it?! NIN have been around for a long time and I’ve loved them myself for years. The game so far is just like the first (and free) Tap Tap game (minus the free part). Five bucks is a little steep but I’m a sucka. If you like NIN and their Slip and Ghosts I-IV albums, then this game is for you. I love it cuz now I can play Tap Tap without being creeped out by the looming pervert hiding in the bushes. Crap…what time is it? 


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