For My Lone Friend

Like I said earlier this week, I like to check on the ol’ Google Analytics to see if Nathum ever visits this site anymore. He hasn’t this week but I don’t blame him. Apparently his dad bought his stepmom a pool so I’m sure Nathum is in the bushes playing with his cack n’ balls (free snow cone for the first person to name where I got that phrase from ;-) ). Anyways, out of boredom this morning I was digging through the keywords that people have used that brought them here. One lone person was searching for “Marilyn Manson with iPhone”. I too have been curious when I saw this picture:

Is it an iPhone? I think it is due to the metallic-looking rim and that little button on the top left. If it is an iPhone, notice how Manson doesn’t use a case…a true rock and roll star.

AppAttack :D

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