2 Peas in an (i)Pod

There’s two different ways I’m going to tell you about this. I told you awhile back about the application Body Talk (iTunes). It’s an application that I love love love because it deals with body language and helps you “read” or pick up what people are really saying. I’m reading all the books I can on the subject after falling love with the show Lie to Me. It’s fascinating and exciting when you can detect when someone’s lying to you or not acting like their usual self. I LOVE it so…let me tell you.

The developers of Body Talk have released an update to their already well made app. With the new update comes a few more signals people do along with all NEW video. WHICH MEANS that the girl (as shown in the above photo) is no longer dating the guy from the previous version!!! If this happens to be the case, then please hit me up on Twitter or shoot me an email ;-)  I’d be more than happy to buy you a cup of coffee sometime or maybe we could meet up in New York and feed pigeons? Holla at me!!! Unless…

This new guy is her boyfriend. In that case, dude I was simply asking her out for coffee and meant nothing by it. I just happened to notice the other guy was no longer around so I thought I’d ask. Seriously, I meant no harm. I would totally not be lame like that and do such a stupid thing. Besides, you’re way better looking than I am plus you could kick my ass pretty easily. Are we cool? Yeah? Can I buy you a beer? Sweet, I know a great pub down the street that has Heineken on tap…you’ll love it.

AppAttack :D

PS: They have another application out that I love just as much as Body Talk I’ll tell you about tomorrow. I gotta shave Muffins tonight and stop by the liquor store for grandma. Stay tuned though…it’s another hot one you’ll wanna pick up!!!

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