Text Messaging Is Destroying Our Children’s Vocabulary

I think that’s the longest title of a post I’ve ever written. But I stand by it…don’t believe me? Click here (shout out to my brutha!!! ;-) ). I’m not saying I have the best vocabulary. Hell, you can scroll through a handful of these posts and find plenty of grammatical errors, I’m sure. Maybe it’s hereditary? I’ve told you before how my niece Caroline is about as smart as a mouse turd. The other day I bought her some sidewalk chalk to keep her busy (if grandma gets too drunk I usually get stuck babysitting). She drew a HUGE picture on the driveway which, to the best of my knowledge, was me and her sharing an ice cream cone. And to the right of us she wrote the words, “Friends understand caring and kindness you often understand”. But my niece has a thing for the color blue. Not understanding the error of her ways, each word started with a big bold blue letter followed by dull green letters. It looked more like this:

Friends Understand Caring and Kindness You Often Understand”.

Needless to say, grandma was pretty angry when she sobered up.

Words With Friends (iTunes) is a free (or pay 99c for an ad-free version) Scrabble-like game for your iPhone that’s a lot of fun. It’s created by the same guys that did Chess With Friends which was a lot of fun too. You simply log in, create a word, and then wait for the other person to create their word. I haven’t finished my first game yet but I like it a lot. Check it out and if you wanna play me add “AppAttack” to your list. I SUCKED monkey balls at the chess game but I think I’m a fair contender to word games. See ya soon!!

AppAttack :D

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