Push It Real Good

I’m not really a sports fan and I blame my childhood. Most likely when I ask you to imagine what I look like, the majority of you think of me as a small, scrawny guy wearing Calvin and Hobbes boxers, with a five o’clock shadow living behind his grandmother’s house in a van. And you’re right. I’m not what you call the “athletic type”…never have been. Being a scrawny kid I often got picked on in school. So, to play any kind of physical activity with the very same people who beat me black and blue was and is utterly ridiculous. But in the end the jokes on my enemies of course. I’ve created a special device that allows you to detect when your dog or cat farts. A small “beep” sound is emitted from the device, therefore allowing you to literally say, “the dog did it” when your loved ones start gagging and pointing fingers.

SportsTap (iTunes) is a free application that allows you to keep up with a plethora of sport scores. From golf to baseball to football to toad licking, it’s all there. Recently the developer has integrated using the Push notification bullshit and it kicks ass! I’m trying to get into baseball (don’t know if I’ll stick around with it…too many damn games) and I almost instantly receive scores. It’s great because not all games are on television or I’m busy doing what North Dakota people call “work”. I’m really looking forward to college football this year. College football = Fall weather = Holidays = One Happy Camper.

AppAttack :D

(For those curious about the above pic, I’m a jailbreaker that uses StatusNotifier to let me know if I have any mail, txts, calls…etc. thus the cute little “mail” icon at the top)

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