Acne, Corporation

Here’s something to suck on…alright, that sounds gross. How about, here’s something to think about. Why do kids no longer have zits anymore? Next time you’re out in public, which may not be this evening but certainly tomorrow, look around when you’re at say, the mall and try to find a kid with horrible acne. I left my grandma’s van for the first time in two weeks yesterday to buy Muffins some catnip (he had a bad case of “the shakes” so I had to help him) and I didn’t see ONE kid with pimples and zits dominating their ugly faces. When I was a kid I had horrible acne. Women would puke upon seeing me and the elderly would be at my parent’s house late at night with pitchforks in hand, demanding I leave their peaceful town at once. It was tough growing up. I won’t even bother to tell you about P.E. class….let’s just say, I was mercilessly picked on and beaten up. And I’m only talking about what the coach did to me! WHY don’t kids have zits anymore?! It’s a damn conspiracy I tell ya.

Poppi (iTunes) is one helluva a great game for a dollar. The goal is to simply keep the balls from reaching the bottom of the screen by pressing your finger around. It’s very basic, yet somewhat relaxing and addictive as catnip. It also reminds me of the countless hours I spent popping the evil zits (whom spoke to me in my sleep) in front of my bathroom mirror.

AppAttack :D

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