Funny Pervert

Alright. Not everything I say or do is funny. There’s a lot of things that don’t get passed the gate that I find utterly hilarious but I choose to nibble on such small pieces of hilarity all to myself. This morning I thought of something I thought was funny but the translation came out differently. You see, Hot Weather (iTunes) is a simple application that allows you to see the day/weeks forecast. This past week I learned that there is an actual town called “Truth or Consequences” in New Mexico. So to myself, seeing what the weather would be like in Truth or Consequences with a bikini app was hilarious.

It ended up reading “Truth…quences” as you can see above so my funny idea died on the ground like a roly-poly who just ate a drop of Tabasco sauce he found on the kitchen floor from last weekend’s party that Kim could have cleaned up but she didn’t because Tom called. Anyways, the app itself is great because you can check out pretty women and remind yourself again for the millionth time (even though you know) today’s high is 98 degrees. I just wouldn’t check the weather in line at the bank.

AppAttack :D

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