Sissy Sally

Alright, I’m not going to talk a whole lot about this game. Many of you have come to believe that I’m one tough, crazy guy that all the women love. That I’m some big macho guy that kicks orphans in the face and pushes elderly women into aisles at the grocery store. A type of man where women, no matter what time or place, will immediately take their clothes off when I make an appearance. You’ve come to believe that and I want that image to stick. So when I mention Sally’s Spa (iTunes link) or encourage you to at least try Sally’s Spa Lite (iTunes link) you won’t think of me as some little sissy guy who cowers at the thought of having to punch someone or a cowardly type who doesn’t have the nuts to simply call a girl he’s interested in on the phone. That’s not me at all. I don’t do “sissy”. And I certainly don’t play addictive, time management games that are incredibly hard to put down once you start. And I sure as hell wouldn’t recommend you try such a game either.

AppAttack :D

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