Have I mentioned Twitter?

Alright, I think out of all the posts I’ve written, Twitter and Twitter apps are the most spoken about. Thanks to the 3.0 update (and because I’m a former jailbreaker) I decided to start from scratch and get rid of all that was from my phone. Around the same time I made the decision, TweetDeck (iTunes link) stuck it’s head out of the groundhog anus it was buried in (yeah, I don’t know what I mean either). And the more I mess around with it, the more it’s deserving my love and affection. Inside the application, you can make different columns (if you have more than one Twitter account, if not, it makes the columns for you). You can see what everyone is saying, people who have mentioned you and direct messages to you. Some people claim it crashes a lot but I haven’t had this problem. The only problem I’ve had is that I’m pretty sure you have to be connected via Wifi or 3G to really make it work properly. I’m still using Tweetie (iTunes link) when out and about….gotta stay faithful to the cow you came home with.

AppAttack :D

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