Wellington Looks Like a…


Hey! Remember me? I don’t. Or should I say, “there you are and here I am“? It’s been awhile since I’ve told you anything. Not because I don’t care about you…more so for the lack of anything worth talking about. I think many developers have been busy working with the 3.0 update (due next week…WOOHOO!!) so there doesn’t seem to be that flood of new apps coming out every day (AMEN!). I’ve been busy at my day job to really peruse iTunes for the next best game/app. Thanks to friend’s recommendations, I have however, found two games worth talking about. PathPix (iTunes link) is one of the most simple, addicting games I’ve come across in a long time. Your goal is to connect numbers together with your finger, creating a line or shape. You end up with a pixelated painting. There’s over a 100 of them so you’ll most likely get your money’s worth. I can honestly tell you after I write this last sentence I’m going to do one more puzzle. HIGHLY addictive!!


AppAttack :D  

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