Addiction and it’s Friends


If you know me, you know that I am one of those people easily addicted to whatever’s placed in front of me. Whether it be a bag of Skittles, popping zits, pouring out grandma’s denture water or ripping the protective paper sack coverings off of children’s schoolbooks, once I start, I can’t stop. I’ve always been this way. I blame my parent’s. They took me to the circus as a small child (18 years old) and I ran into a clown in the parking lot. Did he try to harass me in some creepy way or give me drugs? No. He was a clown and I was at a circus…two of the most retarded things ever to be created. Nobody should be forced to go to the circus. Nobody. Peggle (iTunes link) is a game that I played the hell out of on my iPod Classic awhile back. I’ve been hesitant to buy it (I’m currently eating whatever crumbs I can find from my vacuum cleaner thanks to the App store)…five dollars can be a lot of money. But now and until midnight tomorrow, Peggle is only a dollar. BUY THIS GAME!! You’ll lose all your friends and love life but it’s worth it.


AppAttack :D

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