Gorillas and Sunsets


Donkey Kong Country was a video game that came out during my beloved high school days. It was ahead of it’s time graphically compared to any other game that was out at the time. The characters looked 3D along with the level with it’s thick, colorful textures. The gameplay itself was simple…pretty much like Super Mario Brothers and all the games that came before it. But the overall appearance of Donkey Kong Country, I think, is what made the game sell so many copies. (Anyone remember how the sunset happened at the end of the first level? Beautiful).



Toki Tori (iTunes link) is a rather expensive platform/puzzle game that I’ve had a lot of fun with. I’m only on level 8 at the moment but knowing there’s 72 levels to come, I don’t mind that I’ve spent 5. The idea is to rescue your fellow bird buddies and avoid bad guys along with making the right moves so that your character doesn’t get stuck. What I love most about the game are the graphics. The game reminds me of the good ol’ years when Grandma got her drivers license. What? You think I was going to say, “Donkey Kong Country”?! I’m already off that subject…jeez, stay with me genius.


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