Nosey Neighbor


I know for a fact that someone in Oakland, California got pulled over this morning and their car was searched by the police. I know for a fact that an elderly woman in Denver, Colorado had respiratory problems. And I know for a fact that someone in New Jersey fell and couldn’t make it to the door of her apartment this afternoon. You’re wondering why I know so much? How could I possibly know what’s going on in three different places when I live in only one? Am I superhuman? (To which you reply, “Not really Michael. I’m just reading this because I decided to checkout your site. I’m pretty bored this afternoon and wondering when the hell you’re going to get to the point”). I know. 



Say whaaat?!

Say whaaat?!


While brushing my teeth this morning, I decided to see what apps are popular in iTunes. I came across Emergency Radio (iTunes Link) and let’s just say, it took me close to two hours getting dressed today. With this application you can listen to a BUNCH of police/fire fighting/paramedic emergency frequencies. I somewhat feel bad eavesdropping but you can’t help but wonder what’s going on. I’m evening listening to it now as I type this. Of course, it’s not anything as exciting as the movies would have you believe. But it’s interesting none the less.


AppAttack :D  

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