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I’ve never truly been a fan of the Anime style of drawing. In college I had a classmate in one of my drawing classes and he LOVED Japanese Anime (I think that’s what you call it). He would always bring comic books and graphic novels to class and “borrow” from them to get ideas for his projects (who looked exactly like the books he brought in and he STILL made better grades than me…damn copy cat). I don’t see what’s appealing about women with really big, ball like eyes and boobs with slender, almost nonexistent stomaches. I also know that they make porn-like cartoons based on these images. So every time I saw the guy in class I wondered if he played with himself the night before to a cartoon. Creep.


"Art" gallery

"Art" Gallery


Rio BlackJack (iTunes link) is, you guessed it, a game of blackjack. It’s very simple and straightforward. Place your bet, deal the cards, win/lose. The whole interface is a big boobed/eyed woman that deals your cards quickly. The music gets repetitive and there’s not a whole lot of animation besides shuffling the cards and throwing them in your face. What I like most about this game is it’s “arcade” feel. There’s a little voice that shouts whether or not you “WIN” or “LOSE” and it sounds like it was taken from a video card game you’d play at some strip club on your way home from soccer practice. The motivation to keep playing is to unlock different pictures of the dealer in different attire. I thought I’d be cool and start with the first picture and work my way to the last…I was an idiot.






As you can see, I was robbed. If you like blackjack or jacking off to cartoon women, this app certainly deserves your money. If you just wanna “pick up and play” game this really is a steal at 99 cents. I like it a lot (and lose a lot)…I just won’t be playing it in public.


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