Watch Your Step by Step


If you’ve ever been to a large city (the one I live in only has 4 people and they are all family) then when I tell you that everyone’s faces are glued to their phones, you know what I’m talking about. They don’t look up or around for any reason whatsoever. You could yell, “Hey everybody!! That monkey stole my bean burrito!! Get him FAST before he gets in his car!!!” and not one person will look at you. It’s sad but that’s what technology can do to a person. If you’re one of these type of people then you’re going to wanna get Email n’ Walk (iTunes link). The application allows you to view whatever happens to be in front of you while walking/watching tv/taking a poo..etc. via your camera and write an email at the same time. I personally like it for viewing the girl in front of me’s butt while waiting in line for a bean burrito. I’m creepy like that.


AppAttack :D


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