Stopping Midstream


This morning when I woke up I really needed to piss and so I did…then I stopped. When I was eating breakfast I began chewing my granola bar…then I stopped. I was driving down the street to work…I stopped. When Glenda (our secretary) asked me how my morning was I told her about half a paragraphs worth…then stopped. When the first call of the morning came through, I picked up the phone and as I began moving it to my ear…I stopped. See where I’m going with this? Car Jack Streets (iTunes link) is an excellent “GTA like” game for the iPhone. And by “excellent” I mean the one and only time the game actually started and graced me with it’s blessing of allowing me to play, it was fun. I personally was dying to get my hands on the game and when it finally arrived I wet myself. How often do I play it? NEVER. Each and every time I try and play, it crashes. Yes, I’ve rebooted/restarted and it still crashes EVERY time. I liked what little bit of the game I played but until the whole crashing shit gets fixed, I’m not touching it. 


AppNapp :(

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