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After college I moved up north to Nevada. In need of money, I started working at a Bushtit farm (located 2 miles west of Mill City). Bushtits are a special species of birds that travel in flocks of up to 60 until breeding season, at which time they separate for mating. Their nests are actually quite amazing. Ranging from spiderwebs to moss to other found plant material, the Bushtit creates it’s nest similar to that of a hanging basket. You’ll be impressed to know that after the female has laid her egg, the male will actually help incubate it! Sometimes, if it’s cold enough, BOTH parents will incubate the egg. I was always impressed watching them as even other birds (not just the parents) will help feed the baby birds. It’s a truly unique species. My job, for the few months that I worked there, was to provide fresh blankets and pillows to the mating birds so that their “evening alone” was successful.



Bushtit on a limb

Bushtit on a limb


Alright, like always, I’m lying and making up crap. But what I’m not making up are the above facts. I learned all about the Bushtit from iBird Explorer South (iTunes link). Obviously from the thousands of posts you’ve read here, it’s safe to say I love animals. I had been hesitant to buy this application because of the hefty asking price but it’s completely worth it. This app is FULL of useful information and PLENTY of birds. I don’t know anything about birds (besides how funny it is when you’re friends/loved ones get crapped on) but because of all the info packed in this application, I feel like I’m getting there. I wish you could search for species in more simple terms (ex: that bird with the orange thingy on it’s head and yellow tail) but, you can’t. Searching through the abundant database can be time consuming but in the end it’s fun looking at all the different species. Special note: if your job requires you to meet people outside or being outside in general this application is a great distraction when you’re bored. You’ll find yourself looking up crows just to learn a new fact to share (bore) with your friends. 


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