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I live in Texas. No, I’m not bragging when I say this. In fact, I’m ashamed. Don’t get me wrong, there are in reality, some decent cities in this state. But there are also black holes, void of any intelligence, culture, progressive thinking, religious understanding or common politeness to your fellow man. Then again, maybe everywhere is like that, I just never leave Grandma’s trailer to find out?



Go Jeffrey, GO!!!

Go Jeffrey, GO!!!


Pee Monkey (iTunes link) is a simple tilt game, in which you move your device left and right while a monkey (who clearly has a bladder unlike anything else that walks this earth) emits piss from his little wee wee into a toilet. His sister also cheers him on and gets angry when he misses. If you piss all around the bathroom, it fills up, inching ever so close to the electric socket, causing instant death. What I found funny about this game is that the soundtrack is country music. Not like Carrie Underwood “country” (which isn’t country to begin with), but more like “barnyard” country. My guess is the developer’s ideal target audience is half the state of Texas…they’re right.


AppNapp :(    

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