Ticker-Tape Parade


Those who have been with me from the beginning (September 17, 1985) know that I don’t really care for the stock market. But for those new to the site, let me bring you up to date: I only watch the stock market channel for the ladies. Some of the reporters are pretty damn hot. My father, whom I work with, loves to watch the market because he plays an active role in it. Some days are up, some days are down. For example, we all see this:




But because I have special abilities unlike anyone else, I only see this:



That is, until today. You see, Andrew Farley has released his iPhone game iTrade (iTunes link) early this morning in the Appstore. There’s other similar trading games available but iTrade seems to be the one that’s grabbed my interest the most. The user interface and overall production of the game is well made and easy to use. Most importantly, there’s a “Hot Stocks” menu to show you what stocks are moving.  And this my friends, is why I enjoy the game above the rest. Like I said, I don’t know crap about stock market investing so having a “finger” point the way is of great use to a guy like me. I also like the fact that the developer seems to have a “let’s have fun” approach to the market and not some “snobby guy in a business suit eating a bagel, talking on his cellphone while spilling Starbucks on the cab driver’s seat” attitude (I don’t know where that came from…I just go with it). For free you can’t go wrong at least trying it out. I personally have enjoyed actually watching the markets today because of it and I look forward to learning a little bit more about the economy.



AppAttack :D




Edited to add: Some have asked me how I took a picture of my television. I didn’t. I found the above picture here. I have no clue what kind of a website it is…but I will tell you, it’s stranger than this one ;) !! 



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