Behind Door #3


If you’re anything like me, then, I feel sorry for you. Have you talked to your parents about it? Maybe your guidance counselor? What’d they say? That bad, huh? Well, I got no advice to offer here so good luck with that…sucka. I live in my own head the majority of the day and I have a great time doing so. It’s like Pee Wee’s Playhouse…minus the soccer coach, of course. When what goes on in your head would greatly offend others, the iPhone’s there to help.



Naughty Room

Naughty Room


Being lazy like that fat bastard of a cat Muffins, yesterday, I decided to peruse the Appstore’s “New” apps category for something…new. And I indeed did find something new called 3D Gallery (iTunes link). It’s a “3D” art gallery on your phone. You can move throughout several different rooms looking at different pictures of bugs having sex (kidding). What makes the application so damn cool is that you can use photos from your own photo gallery. If you’re like the annoying mother’s I see on Facebook, you could make an entire room dedicated to your (ugly) child to show friends and family (who don’t care) OR if you’re weird like me, you can make a whole room full of hot chicks. I’m working on a gallery of Suzie Feldman because she’s pretty in a “I just woke up where’s my coffee I’m hotter than any girl you’ve ever dated and I know it” kind of way. Of course, the inevitable embarrassment will arrive when you let grandma play with your phone and she happens to stumble across your Gallery of Hornball but hey, that’s life!


AppAttack :D


TIP: Use your finger to look around. I spent a good 5 minutes walking around like an idiot until I discovered this.

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