And Now…For Something Different


This has nothing to do with the iPhone, my cat or your mother (well, maybe your mother) but I thought I’d bring your attention to it anyways. My brother and his friend Matt have started a website that brings attention to the lame crap many of us (myself included) post on Facebook. How often does one of your friends write, “Doing laundry…how boring!! I wish I was at the mall”? Or, “Going to the dentist”. WHO THE HELL CARES?!! I won’t name names because they may in fact actually read this site, but I know someone that let’s the world know EVERY SINGLE THING she does and it drives me CRAZY!!! You wanna tell them to shut up but, you can’t. You can, however, show the entire world how idiotic they are:


To copy your friend’s lameness: Hold down the Command key, then the Shift key and then press the #4 key. This will turn your mouse pointer into “crosshairs” where you then can create a square in which to make a “snap shot” of your friend’s BS. Look on your desktop for said friend’s BS and then send it to:


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