Bikini Wax Nostalgia


I can’t remember what model it was but I could give you a time frame. I was in Middle School which would be approximately the early 90′s. I think the internet was just beginning along with genuine, aesthetically pleasing videogames that were ahead of their time (think Wolfenstein 3D). In what we called the “laundry room” my parents had a Macintosh computer which basically just sat there. My dad still enjoyed using a typewriter and my mother used the Mac for solitaire and practically nothing else. But in the 90′s it was cool to have a computer…even if you knew nothing about it. On this computer was an art program that my brother and I would mess around with. You had a handful of “brushes” to play with along with pre-made “stamps” of certain objects (ex: a man/woman, dog, buildings, automobiles…etc). When my parents weren’t home or in the other room, I would take the stamp of the woman, erase her clothes and add two sexy square nipples. True story. Ya can’t blame me though…it was right smack in the middle of the ravaging war of puberty.



I’m pretty sure the game you see above, called AliceX (iTunes link), was not on the computer. If it was, I’m sure I would have played the hell out of it. And I would have been grateful to it, as it would have kept me and my hormones out of trouble. You’re given the role of Alice and your goal is to take out the other chess pieces as quickly as you can. At first you can move Alice around as if she was a Queen chess piece. Then she’s denoted to other chess pieces as the game progress, Pawn being the last (I think…I hadn’t made it too far). I’ve found the game to be a great, quick little distraction while sitting on the couch, doing laundry or while someone’s talking to me. It’s very primitive graphic-wise but that’s what happens when you take an old game and put it on a new system. If you like chess, I think you’ll enjoy this game.


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