Putt Putt


Growing up, we had a place called Putt Putt Golf that was a popular hangout for kids. You probably would better recognize it as “miniature golf”. In it’s most basic form, it was simply a putting green with obstacles that made getting your ball in the whole a little more strategic. What made Putt Putt Golf the best miniature golf business in town was the “Amazon” like theme surrounding it. There were giraffes eating from the trees, zebras begging you to look at their anuses and even a hippopotamus arrogantly opening his mouth at you, as if to say, “I will eat your ball eventually because you suck at this”. It was a whole lot of fun for your usually boring Saturday night. What I didn’t like about the place, was the fact that none of the animals were true representations of what they looked like in real life. To fix this, I spent my entire junior year in high school art class making paper-mâché genitals for all the animals. By summer time, all of the animals had beautiful penises and vaginas that best represented how they would appear in real life. (I later received a lifetime banishment from the place, but there will always be a place in my heart for Putt Putt Golf).

Mini Golf Ace is the most simplistic, basic (shall I say Modern?) looking miniature golf game in the Appstore. There’s no “frills” at all about this game. You’re given a ball, and shown where the hole is…that’s it. Some people complain about the tilt viewing, but I like it. The controls are a little bit iffy but with a future update, I’m sure this game will be a lot of fun. I’ve played (often terribly) through the given 18 holes and have even deleted it from my phone. “Why even tell us this shit?” you ask your monitor while your Mother replies, “What’d you say honey?” from the other room. Because I really like the “no frills” simplicity of this game. I think the developers are going somewhere with this so I’m eagerly waiting for an update to see what comes next. Here’s hoping they come through…


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