Rock Butt


And by “rock butt” I mean rock bottom. When I was a kid we called our asses our “bottoms” so maybe “rock butt” is how kids say rock bottom nowadays? Or maybe I have no clue what the hell I’m talking about and basically am just talking out of my ass? Better yet, I’m talking out of my cheeks. But then again, my butt cheeks can be related to the cheeks on my face. Nevermind…I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. Moving on…last night I sat, watching my usual shows when a iPhone commercial came on. Sadly, there’s a few apps I’m (desperately) waiting to arrive but, lord knows when they’ll show (Yeah, I’m looking at YOU Mr. Car Jack Streets >:-[ !!!) . In the mean time I’m downloading anything that looks somewhat appealing. So last night, thanks to technology, I rewound the commercial and studied what apps I could see displayed on Grandma’s 32″ television. I saw one called Pano and decided to look it up. I found it but to my dismay it wasn’t free (remember I’m stealing from Grandma these days). Being the desperate man I am, I forked over the two bucks and honestly, I’m HIGHLY impressed with this application. From my lazy ass position on Grandma’s couch in the basement I tried it out and to my utter shock, came out with a PERFECT panoramic photograph (Muffins still trying to get to his litterbox was an added bonus). If you want to make perfect panoramic photographs of you in the lunch line, at the bank or on your friend’s toilet, this is THE app to buy. I love it!!


AppAttack :D

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