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I build homes when I’m not writing silly stories in regards to iPhone Applications. What’s that? You don’t believe a damn word that’s coming out of my mouth? I don’t blame you. I’ve been making up bizarre stories since day one so WHY SHOULD YOU believe anything on this site?! Well, today you should because I had a scary incident happen yesterday…and I need a hug.



Crime Scene

Crime Scene


Yesterday afternoon our lawn guys were installing some sprinklers on a small home we’re doing here in town. Our painters had left for the day (they always leave at exactly 4PM…must be better looking strippers before Happy Hour? I dunno). So one of the lawn guys called me up and asked if he could get into the garage to install the sprinkler control box. The painters, having had their supplies stolen numerous times, lock up the house tighter than Muffin’s rectum at the vet’s office. I drove to the home and walked inside along with the sprinkler guy. As we entered the garage, the man whom I’m trying best not to call an “idiot”, remarked how dark it was inside (Lighting is generally placed inside the home AFTER the painters leave). In a matter of seconds he pulled a lighter from his pocket and attempted to use it as a lantern to see his way in the dark abyss that was the garage. I yelled at him “NO!!” and he (slowly) put two and two together. Had the painters began using lacquer on our woodwork, I would most likely not be here to tell you this story. I don’t even like writing about it so I’ll move on…

What makes Build-a-lot so much fun is that it has the “Sim City feel” (music, appearance, light heartedness..etc) to it but it’s much more fast paced. Your job is to complete a list of tasks the mayor of each town wants done. If you complete said tasks quick enough, you receive a ribbon and a sense of accomplishment. I’ve had a hard time putting it down while watching television, as once you get into it, it’s difficult to turn off. It’s very well made and borders on intensity/relaxing at the same time. For five dollars, it’s a little steep but certainly put this one on your “price drop” list. If you’re a fan of time based games or the Sims I think you wouldn’t mind forking over the cash but to the average fan I say hold off. See you Sunday ;)  


AppAttack :D

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  1. April 19th, 2009 at 6:57 pm

    Josh says:

    So that’s a true story right?

  2. April 21st, 2009 at 3:30 pm

    admin says:

    Yeah it’s true…and it really scared the crap outta me. Whenever you smell paint fumes with friends less intelligent than you…RUN!!!

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