Dragons Suck



Let’s face it, a day in the life of a cat sucks. You wake up, eat some food, drop a deuce then find a new place to sleep. Repeat. Maybe that sounds appealing to some people but to me, it seems too boring. To liven up Muffins day I try to “mix up” his daily routine. For example, yesterday I put his dry food in his bowl and then turned it upside down. Because cats don’t have thumbs, I believed this would prove a challenge to Muffins. I was wrong. Being the smart cat that he is, Muffins simply slid the bowl around, exposing the food for him to eat. Today, however, I was the winner. You see, Muffins litterbox is behind the TV in the livingroom (Grandma thinks hearing cat farts is more funny than commercials nowadays). I arranged a stack of books and pillows so that there was a “wall” keeping Muffins away from his box. To top it all off, I rubbed butter on top of the television so that he would slide right back down to the opposite side of the wall if he attempted to jump. I gotta go pick up some cat shit before Two and Half Men come on…I’ll tell ya more later!!!

I’m not the most strategic guy in the world. Yes, I am the smartest guy in the world, but that’s only because Gammie says so. When it comes to Tower Defense (“TD” not “TNA”) games, I usually win a level because I unknowingly placed a good tower in the right spot. If you happen to be good and such games and are in the market for a new one, I HIGHLY recommend ElementalMonsterTD. What has kept me coming back to this game over and over is the fact that you can collect cards. Each time you play through a level (50 rounds that increase in intensity as the game moves forward) you receive points that can earn you a stronger, better tower. It’s fun to see what new cards you can get even though you got your ass handed to you. The replay value is high on this one once you start getting into it….I give it a big


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