While I’m on the subject, let me share with you a new game me and Muffins play. A usual day in my life consists of me and Muffins driving around town until we get bored or until he drops a deuce…whichever comes first. For the cat owners in the house, you know what I’m talking about. Cats for some reason like to walk around inside your vehicle when you’re cruising down the street smoking endo, sippin’ on gin and juice. I think they enjoy the challenge of overcoming the look Garfield failed miserably at. Anyways, every now and then we have to stop and get gas. Muffins gets bored easily so to entertain him, I’ve developed a fun game you guys can play at home. You know those windshield washers they have next to the pump? Well, what you do is you take one of those, get it nice and wet and then look for someone with glasses. They can be at the gas station across the street if need be, the point is they HAVE to have glasses. You confidently approach them and, with a sweet caring voice you ask, “Could I wash your windows sir/ma’am?”. It doesn’t matter if they say yes or no…before they answer all you have to do is hit them perfectly in the face with the windshield washer. It’s very simple as the washer already has a “T” shape to it so getting both lenses wet should easily be accomplished. I know Muffins likes watching me play the game. For bonus points you can yell, “BROOKLYN HIGHSCHOOL SWEETHEART POWER!!”. It doesn’t make any sense but it’s fun to yell.

Gas Cubby is an application used for tracking your gas mileage and the maintenance of your car/truck/van/spaceship. I’m currently using it to track my gas mileage and it’s very well made and easy to use. The only problem I have is that a couple of days ago I forgot to enter my information and drove off. I wish there was some notification to remind you of actually using the app itself but maybe when Push comes out, this will all be taken care of. If you’re the kind of person that takes care of your car and how much money you put into it, this app is perfect for you. The developer claims that it will be raised in price (to $10) in the future so the asking price of $1.99 seems like the right time to buy. BROOKLYN HIGHSCOOL SWEETHEART POWER!!!!!


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