Shoulda Woulda Coulda


Most likely because “funny” has left me at the moment, I haven’t been able to blog. “But Michael, you were never funny to begin with…what’s the problem?!” Ha. Ha. I usually have a small gap in my day where I can sit and think of something ridiculously funny/stupid and then jot it down quickly in my Touch notebook (I’ve tried all the notebook apps and honestly, the simple yellow pad with crappy Marker Felt(?) font is my favorite). Lately, I’ve been incredibly busy at work and by the end of the day would rather drink a few beers and cry myself to sleep, instead of write a review over some app I’ve recently downloaded. “But Michael, this the #1 website I check daily to get the most recent iPhone related news and all things app related”. You fucking liar. Anyways, what I’m trying to tell you is that for today, I’m going to tell you two stories I had tried turning into comical gold, but ended up with nothing. Consider these “B-sides” to the usual funny ideas I try to come up with.


My first idea I came up with, I would say several days ago, was in regards to the game iDodge: Space Ninja. In the game, you dodge multiple projectiles that are thrown at you, all in an attempt to survive until the end of the level. What makes it fun is that when you put your finger on the screen, everything slows down, causing you to have some incredibly close calls. Both fulfilling and difficult, this game is a lot of fun. I really enjoy the recently (now old) ski levels more so than the space levels but, to each their own. And here’s where we have the B-side. I wanted to write an article claiming that I took Muffins skiing over the weekend. I had it all planned out where I would tell you about the sweater I knitted for him, the problems we had going up the ski lift and how I duct taped his paws to a little snowboard. Problem was, I could never “get it out” just right. Sometimes the magic works, sometimes it don’t (as my favorite band in the entire world, Starflyer 59 says). 

Next runner up is Drop 7. I had tried my hardest to come up with a clever story involving carrying my grandmother everywhere she went. Yes, funny idea, but how far can a joke go before being stupid? Exactly. So I never got past the grocery store with that idea. It has potential to be funny I will say, maybe in the future I can mess with it a little more. I really, really enjoyed Drop 7…at first. Now, I still play it every chance I get but, I’m beginning not to like it:  



The above pic is what’s making me like the game less and less. When your score gets high enough, the only number you seem to get is “1″. Maybe I haven’t played the game enough to figure out the best strategy to get rid of the 1′s, but when that’s all you get, the game practically ends itself. For 5 dollars I would encourage you to wait for either a lite version or a price drop. It’s a well made game and certainly a lot of fun, I just think the price is a little steep.


AppAttack :D  

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