(It Don’t Matter If You’re) Black or White


Remember the video? Notice how the music stops playing when the father enters the room. Does this mean it was only in Macauly’s head? Also note that he kills his father by blasting him into deep space. Good stuff. I remember when the “morphing heads” at the end was the next BIG THING in the world of technology. Michael Jackson’s one cool mofo’ in my opinion. Back when I was a kid, he was seen as “bad” or what has now been “morphed” into the phrase “bad ass”. My generation’s male role model was a sissy, little skinny man that looked like he was having sex with the air around him when he danced. This world needs more James Dean.



This afternoon I accidentally came across an application that is both relaxing and fun to use. But Michael, Zen Bound came out and it’s the ONLY “zen” app I’ll ever need, you say. I know I know I know. I’m certain, like you, I waited FOR-EV-ER for Zen Bound to finally get it’s ass out of bed. Yes, it’s wonderful in all ways and I highly recommend it. I’m currently trying to find a humorous way to write about wrapping school children in rope during recess…so check back soon and I’ll have a review for ya. Today I wanna tell you about ColorSplash. You simply take a picture of your nude grandmother or perhaps that picture of a squirrel biting a small child at the park you saw the other day from your Library, and either add or subtract color. It’s very easy to use and certainly worth the $2 dollar asking price. For example:



Some of you Apple fans may recognize this church and wonder why I didn’t color a certain “center” that’s near by…well, I wanted to be “artistic”. You can be an artist too with this app and impress all your friends OR you can be a complete jerk and color only the background image, leaving your friend in black & white. Zooming in and making the color exactly where you want it is what I found appealing about this application. I realized 5 minutes later that I was completely zoned out making the photo perfect, ignoring the stack of work I had on my desk this morning (that and the fact that I have very small hands. I literally have to hold my iPhone with both hands to my ear while making a phone call…it’s very sad). If you’re a Facebook/MySpace photo junkie this will certainly make you one of the cooler people in cyberspace. If you’re an older adult this could add a little pep to your boring ass slideshow presentation about colonoscopies you have coming up next week. No matter who you are, I give ColorSplash a yellow, black and white iPhone

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