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Happy Monday to you all!!! I honestly don’t mind Monday…you shake off the weekend hangover, strap on the ol’ tennis shoes and dress up as a woman to trick your neighbors into believing they have a new neighbor (you may find other ways to fill your day which is cool too). Mondays feel like everything is back in action. Now Tuesdays, I won’t even mention’em. I really have never liked Tuesday. Ugly, freckle faced bastard…you can go to hell if you’re reading this Tuesday, ya prick! Anyways, I’ve received a few emails asking why I don’t write as many articles as CNN. My reply would be, why you gotta be like that? I thought we were cool? You think you’re a big man comparing me to a major news outlet? You can be so mean at times…I hate you! Lately, I’ve been wanting to write one article that I (and Alex, my one and only reader) find funny instead of a lot of little “haha’s”. I’d rather you laugh one good laugh, instead of those annoying little puffs of air through your nose, that most people do when they don’t really feel like laughing out loud. That being said, I’ve got two reviews coming up that, if I can word them properly, will make beer come out of your nose. Beer? Yes, I said beer. Monday’s almost over and Tuesday is on it’s way…time to prepare!! ;)

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  1. February 10th, 2009 at 9:55 pm

    Brian Dickson says:

    Not many people are so singularly fixated on the dull and mundane that they actually have a blog dedicated to such garbage. Luckily for me I happen to enjoy the simple ( as in the term used most frequently to denegrate the handicapped) things in life, as they almost always require the least amount of thought to enjoy. They deliver like a Kevin James punch line…predictable, ugly, contrived, and utterly void of intelligence or wit…. but occasionally funny. Take for example, the thought process required to correctly operate a telephone. Not difficult…unless you are a 16 year old walking erection desperately trying to call A) your wannabe drug dealing “friend” to score you a dime sack of schwag, or B) a female. I can only speculate of course, having never suffered the indignities of having to use a “phone” to actually call someone. Wait; That’s a complete and utter fabrication. I wasn’t born post-Nirvana. I was alive when Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell were unplugged and still incredible…Generation TRL has never had to suffer the humiliation of a telephone rejection. Hell, all they’ve ever had to do was simply send a text message and wait for a response. Can you imagine the conversation between John Malkovich and Clint Eastwood on “In the Line of Fire” done through text message??!! Ramble on simpletons, you make the world a unique place to live…I think once a week I’m gonna try and respond to your blog my good friend. Great work by the way…

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