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When you live with family, particularly the elderly, it’s important to keep in touch on a frequent basis. I’ve spent the last two weeks teaching Grandma how to send text messages for times that I can’t talk on the phone or if she simply needs to send me a short message. For being close to 80 years old (and having arthritis) I must tell you she’s pretty good at sending’em. Here’s a little conversation we had this past Sunday…


Grandma: 9:47AM “Hey…whassup?”

Me: 10:02AM “Not much. Taking Muffins to get shaved. What R U doing?”

Grandma: 10:04AM “Watching Matlock. I’ve seen this one already. I’m outta vodka”

Me: 10:25AM “Alright. I’ll grab some while I’m out”

Grandma: 10:27AM “Cool. Thanks. I’ll make you some oatmeal cookies”

Me: 11:14AM “No, you don’t have to, I don’t mind”

Grandma: 11:20AM “Won’t take no for an answer”

Me: 11:26AM “Alright…thanks”

Grandma: 12:03PM “Hey…whassup?”

Me: 12:17PM “Having lunch with Karen @ BurgerKing”

Grandma: 12:20PM “You’re cat got in the house”

Me: 12:23PM “No. He’s with me, remember?”

Grandma: 12:28PM “Then whose cat is this?”

Me: 12:30PM “Did you leave the door open?”

Grandma: 12:32PM “BRB”

Grandma: 12:50PM “LOL! I did!”

Me: 1:04PM “Gotta few more errands to run then I’ll be home”

Grandma: 1:09PM “That’s cool. I’m taking a bath. Pick up some razors?”

Me: 1:14PM “Anything for my Gammie”

Grandma: 1:20PM “You’re the granddaughter I never knew I had. LOL! ROFL!”

Grandma: 1:22PM “JK! BTW! I hear the garage…you home already?”

Me: 1:36PM “No. I’m @ Nick’s house. Picking up my Gears of War game”

Grandma: 2:49PM ” ( o )( o ) ”

Me: 3:00PM “LOL! That’s funny Grandma”

Grandma: 4:28PM “KEEP IT!! You pill poppin’ son of a BITCH!!”

Me: 4:29PM “What?!”

Grandma: 4:33PM “Hey…whassup?”

Me: 4:40PM “Why’d u call me a pill poppin’ son of a bitch?”

Grandma: 4:47PM “Oh SHIT!! LOL!! Wrong person…my bad!! LOL!!”

Me: 5:02PM “Who r u calling names?”

Grandma: 5:05PM “Nunya”

Me: 5:08PM “Nunya…”

Grandma: 5:20PM “Nunya DAMN BUSINESS!! ROFL! Where’s my vodka?! >:-( ”

Me: 5:31PM “I’m on Lerring Ave. Be home in 10 mins”

Grandma: 5:33PM “Awesome. You’re cat’s in the house again”

AOL IM is an instant messaging client that you can use to keep in touch with your friends and family. If you have an America Online account then most likely, this is a perfect way to keep the conversations flowing. I downloaded it out of curiosity to see if any of my college buddies were still using it. Surprisingly, a few were. Online chatting for me personally, is a thing of the past. Now the world’s full of Facebook updates, message boards and of course, twittering. If you have an account, then give it a shot. In all honesty, I just wanted to make up a funny story about a texting grandmother :)


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