Screw. It.


This entire past week I’ve been trying to come up with a clever way to tell you about the time my friend Andy got caught masturbating. Each time I write, it’s either a damn book or it’s a little too offensive (yes, even I have standards).

So I’ve decided I’ll just come right out and tell you. Andy (my former college roommate from Manchester) was home alone one afternoon in his early teen years. His mother stepped out for the morning so he thought that it’d be a good time to “pull one off”. Unfortunately, his mother forgot something at the house and returned home only to find her son on the ground masturbating. To quote Andy, “there I was, on all fours just shaggin’ my willy and in walks me Mum. You should have seen her face…hahahaha”. It was a hilarious story that I wish I could honor better with clever little sentences surrounding it, but I can’t. If you play with yourself, then maybe you find this funny. For the 2% that don’t, you’re lying.

WordsWorth is another word finding game that I give two masturbatory thumbs up. Your goal is to find and link letters together so that they go to hell and other numbers take their place. You’re also timed along with having special abilities that scramble words when you can’t find anymore. If you know me, you know that I keep puzzle games on my phone and longer length games on my Touch (this one stays on my phone). WordsWorth is another quick little pick up & play game that can have you hooked for several minutes…or for a quick little distraction during the “money shot” moments in your day. I highly recommend it if you’re the puzzle/word finding game fanatic. (Hell, I’m sure you’ve already picked this game up…if only I could figure out how to get the crap in my head onto your monitor, then I could easily take credit for telling you about it).


AppAttack :D

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