Girls Go To Mars


Last week, me and my girlfriend of 4 and 1/2 years decided to breakup. We both agreed our relationship wasn’t going anywhere and it’d be best if we parted. I wanted a monkey that I could teach how to throw shit at guests and she wanted marriage. Apples and oranges.

Now before you get all sad and start sending me pictures of your hot sister (8304 Madison Ave. Beatrice, Pennsylvania 35890 Attn: SpamWinkle) realize that the breakup was mutual and we’re both still “cool” (like that Gwen Stefani song…I’ve always had a thing for Gwen. Is she on the market or is she still with Bush?!). The reason I bore you with my personal life is:
#1 You’re actually reading my blog so you must care…somewhat.

#2 It actually has to do with a game I have on my iPod Touch.


You see, Sneezies was released about the time her and I started not seeing “eye to eye”. She was on my ass saying I’m too much like Kip (from Napoleon Dynamite) in that I love technology more than anything else. Which was (and is) actually true…sorry. So what’d I do to try and connect with her? I showed her the kick ass game on my iPhone. She played it constantly, running my battery down all the time. It’s an excellent, addicting little game. But now that we’ve split, I have a hard time playing it without being reminded of her. Not in a “cute” way mind you…more like a, “damn, I’m single again. Will J. Love and me EVER be united?” kinda way. I’ll come back to it soon…I just need a few more beers and maybe a lapdance or 17 to move on.
The creator of Bugz was kind enough to give me a promo of their game and I took it. (My policy is something I like to stick to but now I’m gonna mix it up for you guys). Bugz is another great little “pick up and play game”, very similar to Sneezies in nature. One difference I’ve discovered is there are levels where the idea is to NOT make a bug “pop”. I like a good challenge. As you know, I’m a big fan of “crap games” and this is certainly one of those. I’d recommend it…besides, you could give up one cheeseburger anyways. What happened to your New Year’s resolution?! Then again, if one of your resolutions was to stop buying apps then I’m certainly playing the devil’s advocate. Heyyyy, it’s only a dollar…right?


AppAttack :D

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