Chick In The Notebook Was Hot


There’s an application that came with your phone you may or may not use on a daily basis. “That shit is whack, yo! The only app I need these days is Wobble!!!”, you retort as you get your jiggle on.

Yes, I agree, Wobble has certainly brought some hardy laughs at my buddies place recently. Who wouldn’t like to see a animated pair of breasts move around as you jiggle your phone? Especially when you’re in line at the bank, passing the offering plate at church or at a business meeting. Wobble is certainly a useful application. Here’s a pic you probably haven’t thought of using for Wobble:

(And you said I never give you anything…). The app in question is the Notebook you have that comes with your phone. (Did you click on the link? HAHA!! It leads to nothing…silly). It’s been there since the day you bought your iPhone, you’re just too dumb to realize it. Some people say that Evernote is the best notepad app but I couldn’t tell ya cuz I haven’t got it. I’m faithful to my ugly yellow pad and it’s shitty Marker font. So much so, that I can honestly tell you that 90% of my reviews are written on my iPod Touch. While at the office, dropping the kids off at the pool or watching tv, when an idea hits me, I flesh it out on the spot. If you don’t use your Notepad app you could be missing out on some good opportunities to “write that down”. Give it a shot…you could be a poet, that doesn’t even know it. OH MY GOD I’M HILARIOUS!!!


AppAttack :D

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