Dear Diary


Most of you are aware that I’ve become a huge fan of Twitter recently. It’s somewhat sad…I check my Twitter account more so than my mail, Facebook or even Muffins’ litterbox. I’ve truly enjoyed hearing what trials and tribulations developers have been going through creating their apps. It’s also been a useful tool in finding out what updates are coming and even release dates for certain games I’ve been keeping an eye on.



In the world of Twitter, you almost make “friends” in the sense that you can have an ongoing conversation with them. Friends is a creepy word to use…how about, acquaintances? Yep…that sounds better. All in all, I really like Twitter and encourage you to get to tweetin’ ASAP. I like it so much in fact, that I’m going to start another account. “Thanks, Michael. As if I wasn’t keeping up with enough Twitterer’s already!!” you say as you flip off your computer monitor and slap your sister. I KNOW! But this will be different. Currently I’m trying to get all of my friends(2) and family(146) to start using Twitter to better keep in touch with one another. I also would like one account to better keep in touch with developers and fans of applications and another to just ramble about daily life, talk of other interests and share litterbox sculpture photos with. In summary:

If you’re a developer, AppStore Addict, fan of this site or anything and everything “app related”, please follow my website account here.

If you would like to hear me wax poetic, tell you I got the wrong order at a snow cone stand or how bad traffic is when I get off work, please follow me here.  


Thank you to those that follow me…I enjoy following you. And I look forward to meeting new people so tweet at me yo!


(I explained my iPhoneAppAttack photo so why not tell you about my Eighty59 photo. It’s a picture of San Francisco I took from my hotel room last year on a family vacation. I love the city of San Francisco (what?! You NEVER talk about SF Michael?!! I know). The trip itself means a lot to me for a number of reasons you’d be bored to hear about. It was taken obviously at sunset the day before we had to return home. If I can find a somewhat decent portrait of myself, I’ll change it).

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