The Sopranos…


…was the all time best running show on television I have ever watched. And the only thing it has to do with this post is that Tony was in the mob and there’s a game called iMob you need to pick up. It’s somewhat similar but not anywhere close to Loot Wars, a game I’ve been playing almost every day since it’s release. My dear Twitter friends ChillerONE and Kurasu (follow’em…they’re awesome!) helped me discover this game. And as of now, the game needs some pretty big updates to get it just right. But I say pick it up, because it has the potential of being a really fun multiplayer game. (I know, I know…there’s another game I thought had great potential but I was wrong. Maybe this time I’ll be right?). It’s one of those games to keep on your phone so when the update comes, you’ll be set to go. For those playing:

My name in the game is: kingkill33

And my friend code is: 100337680

(While looking through iMob, I also realized my friend flooberz is also on our team of tough guys…follow him as well! They’re all great friends!! And please feel free to email me your friend code if you want!!)

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