Seeing Stars


About two summers ago I decided that I would get into the amazing world of astronomy. I’ve always had a love for Space and have been eternally curious as to “what’s out there?”. More so for the whole alien/extraterrestrial theories but none the less, space is where “they” are so I wanna see it.



So much so that I decided to invest all of my hard earned money into buying a telescope. This telescope was so cool that it actually finds whatever the hell you’re looking for. You simply scroll through the list of available celestial objects and it goes straight to them. And it honestly works, once you align the telescope with a few stars/planets. What have I seen so far with this wonderful scope? The Moon. Yep…lots of Moon viewing on this bad boy. Why only the Moon? Because the lens it comes with isn’t high-powered enough to pick up the storm on Jupiter, the rings of Saturn or the hot neighbor who lives across the street from me. You gotta see this shorty…she’s super fly. She does jumping jacks in her underwear and cooks bacon in lingerie. How do I know this? Because I’ve literally gone up to her window and looked inside her home. She always laughs and waves at me but I like to make a game of it, so I look as though I’m shocked and then dash across the street to my front door. Of course, I’m always courteous…I often turn around and wave back once I get there. But back to the topic at hand bro, this telescope is great for seeing the Moon but you have to spend another 100+ to see what’s really out there. Sorta pisses me off because I spent so much money buying the damn telescope itself. As of now, it sits quietly in my living room collecting dust. My plans are to use it more this summer…wish me luck.

Starmap has been in the appstore for as long as I can remember. I bought it when it first came out so that I could use it along with my new telescope. Before all of the updates, this application was slower than snot coming out of a grasshoppers nose. (WTF? I know…just go with it). To scroll around and see all of the night sky, it took forever. The Sun would come up by the time you moved your view from East to West. I kept the faith and kept it on my phone and fortunately, it works much faster and better now. The updates have really mopped up the mess this application use to be. If you’re into Astronomy, most likely, you’re smarter than me and know every dot in the night sky. (I’m a member of our local astronomy club and those guys are SMART…very, very smart. Currently, they’re working on building their own scope…it’s gonna be BIG). If you’re new to viewing the night sky and would like to know “what’s up there”, than I would highly recommend this application. It’s very basic but because I’m new to the whole hobby, I don’t mind. Or maybe you’re some idiot jock that likes to take beautiful cheerleaders out to “Make Out Point” in your father’s convertible so that you can put your arm around her and move in for a kiss after pretending to yawn…then I’d recommend this app to you as well.


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