Government Issued Cheese

I found this little gem last weekend. It’s a shame this game has not made as big of a splash as it should. I guess I’m on a streak here of “games you can play in two seconds” so I guess I’ll talk about this one.



It’s called “Mouse About” and it’s a simple but complicated game. Your goal is to pick up eat all the pieces of food on the floor. The catch is, there’s a cat waiting to get you and said cat has a time limit for you to gather your food. And here’s the other catch: you run like crazy when directed a certain way. If there isn’t food or bolts on the ground to stop your crack fueled sprint to every item, you die. So it’s best described as a puzzle game with a time limit. But don’t let that stop you from buying it. If you choose to gather a strawberry before the orange, not knowing the orange was the way to go, you have to sit and wait for the timer to run down OR you commit suicide. It’s this self-flagellation of seeing which way you SHOULD have gone, but DIDN’T that makes this game fun. Plus the levels go by quick and they’re new almost every time you restart. The graphics are cute, the music is kinda Tim Burton’ish and the levels are challenging enough to come back to after the initial run through. I pick this game up all the time when I want a quick distraction and it’s wonderfully well made.  What gets me is, there’s a “lite” version of the game you can try for free. Don’t get me wrong, this is great for a “test drive” but $1.99 is NOT expensive. It’s less than a coke and a candy bar for crying out loud!!! It drives me nuts that people complain enough about the prices they’re given, especially when an app comes out that is well made. Try the free version but I promise you, the full version is even better. If you disagree…feel free to write me!! 


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