Photo Shopped


Ever so slowly, I’m understanding the world known as “Twitter”. And with “a face only a mother could love” (she doesn’t) I’ve decided to use a real picture of myself for my profile. It’s not something I would normally consider doing.


You see, I’m generally a shy, quiet kind of guy. During the day I rescue puppies from burning elevators. How the puppies got inside the elevators and why said elevators are on fire…I don’t know. It’s just my day job and it pays the bills. At night, however, I secretly write about applications that I’ve downloaded. No one knows I do this, but I do…a lot. Those close to me say I have “issues” and I wouldn’t put it past them. Ever since it’s creation, I’ve spoken about iPhone applications. It’s something I enjoy doing. So for me to reveal my true identity to the entire world is something almost unheard of in my mind. Ya know…fuck it. It’s Tuesday and I despise Tuesdays (if I haven’t said so already). Tuesdays don’t “click” with me for some reason. Does anyone else hate Tuesdays? Maybe I should ask that on Twitter? I was going to make a clever little blog post about being ugly, hiding in public restrooms, breaking mirrors, having NASA remove blemishes from my photo…etc. but like I said, it’s Tuesday and I don’t think anything will come out right. I am honestly using a real photo of myself for Twitter which truly is odd…I like hiding behind an avatar(?). I was using a picture of a creepy monkey I saw in a thrift store. This coming weekend I’m going to go and see if he’s still there. It was the weirdest doll I’ve ever seen. I figured it was haunted so I didn’t get it. I’m weird like that. See you on Twitter.


OH! And about the picture….It was taken by the great Annie Ray during my recent trip to Austin. She goes to public drinking fountains (a.k.a “bars”) or events/parties and takes photographs of people. Her photography is really well done. What I like most about this picture is that, moments before it was taken, my brother and I were acting goofy (props to him for teaching me to hold down “command” then “shift” then press the number 4…I didn’t know this. He’s to my left but I’ve cut him out…he’s better looking than me). As usual, we couldn’t stop making faces and looking like complete idiots. She asked, “guys, come on, show me a serious look”. So we did. I’m not a serious person (have you figured that out yet?) so I like the photo because I know moments before and after it was taken, I was my nerdy self. And now you know the inside story.

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