Dear Abby


Below is a heartwarming email I wanted to share with you, being the holiday season and all. It’s always wonderful to hear positive words from complete strangers. Sometimes, the world really does seem small.


A long time reader Frank S., sent me this email Christmas eve. Thank you Frank for the kind words! Frank writes:


Dear iPhoneAppAttack,

I just wanted to write a quick letter to let you know how I feel. I recently came across your website while using the toilet at work. I have to say, it is AMAZING. I’m utterly shocked by your reviews and clever prose. So shocked in fact, I decided to divorce my wife. I don’t see how you do it. With so many applications to choose from, how in the world can you decide on which ones to purchase? I don’t get it! I know that you live in a car behind your grandmother’s house, and that you have no access to the internet besides Starbucks, but I just can’t get over how quick you are to find such wonderful apps. I also hear that you pay worldwide travelers to visit your home to tell you what websites have new articles to read? Amazing. Not having the internet must be very difficult. If my wife wasn’t such a greedy bitch, I’d gladly pay you for your articles. I just can’t get over how astounding your website is. As a matter of fact, last Tuesday I read one of your reviews in the office and was so dumbfounded, I took my clothes off and walked around Times Square completely nude. I didn’t even know were I was. Luckily, a cop on a horse tackled me and brought me to my senses. I really am impressed by all that you do and I hope you and your grandmother (and Muffins!) have a wonderful Christmas. Keep up the great work!



                                                                                              Frank Stollingsworth



OK, like always, I’m making shit up. I can’t help it. For some reason I like to make things up. Maybe I ate too much glue as a child? As you know, this afternoon I’ve been nursing a sty, trying to get the bastard to pop. It’s driving me crazy. Hopefully soon it will leave my face. Until then and as always, I’ve been playing around with my phone. IGN, a massive gaming review company, has taken the task of also reviewing iPhone applications. To all my gamer readers, this is nothing new. But for those that aren’t as nerdy as myself, IGN’s app is worth taking a look at if you like videogames. They recommended the game The Plateau and I have to say it’s definitely worth 99 pennies- if you like puzzle games. I’ve been playing it for the past hour or so and I’m really enjoying it. There’s also a “lite” version but it’s a DOLLAR people. You spend more on a drink at the gas station. This shouldn’t be a disputable issue, folks. Sorry.


AppAttack :D  



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  1. December 28th, 2008 at 8:12 am

    AskCarrieLee says:

    That was utterly hysterical. I myself dream on nightly basis the about the day I get an iphone, till then, ugh, I’ve got “the network” :P

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