Sty In My Eye


For Christmas this year Santa brought me a sty (maybe sty’s are the new “coal”?). It’s frickin’ annoying and I look even more ugly than I normally do. Seriously, instead of people just looking away when I’m in public, they now look away and throw up. Embarrassing. Check out this video I found on how to treat a sty. Hilarious isn’t it?! Watch when step #3 roles around…you’d think they would have said, “Peggy, spit your gum out before we shoot”. She’s probably some crazy diva rockstar bitch. Also note the doctor…he looks like he’s about to kick the patient’s ass. Good stuff!



I realized while soaking my ugly eye in a bowl of tepid water this morning, that many of you readers may be proud new iPhone/iPod Touch owners. So of course, you eagerly have searched the world wide web in hope of finding a website devoted to delivering honest, sincere, deeply studied and well polished reviews over applications found in Apple’s iTunes store. Keep looking. I know what it’s like…but they’re out there. I promise. Since you’ve ended up here for some strange reason, let me give you a few links to applications that I’ve enjoyed over the last few months. This list is off the top of my head so I may be missing a few…if so, I’ll come back and post them. I hope you enjoy your new gadget. I’ve been in love with mine ever since I discovered it in a bathroom truck stop outside of Boise, Idaho. And I also hope you rummage through my older blogs…you may actually find something useful. Take care.

In no particular order, I’ve enjoyed:


Loot Wars

Blackbeard’s Assault




Flick Fishing

Hero of Sparta



Payday Roulette

Movie Challenge


and last but not least, a game that I find terribly confusing yet more enjoyable the more I put into it, Orions: Legends of Wizards. I have NO CLUE how to play but I’m beginning to figure shit out. I say get it if you like learning new things. It’ll be fun for me some day….until then, I can only continue to be confused. 

That should keep you busy (and keep you from touching yourself on grandma’s computer) this holiday weekend. Welcome new readers and feel free to email me any time! Always nice to see pretty faces…unlike my ugly, sty infested face. Back to the ol’ bowl of water and towel routine…


AppAttack :D  

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