Underwater Caves & Bald Children



Since the tender age of eight, I’ve had a unique fondness for underwater cave exploration.


Each summer my friend Katie and her bald son Chad head south to Mexico for some underwater cave diving. Wait, bald? Yeah…her son lost all of his hair before he turned nine years old. Doctors say it won’t ever grow back. But before you start feeling sorry for him, ya gotta know that he has the most perfectly rounded head I have ever seen. It’s like a bowling ball…so beautifully globe-like in shape. (Having one solid tooth in the middle of his upper gums doesn’t help his looks out any, sadly enough). Like I was saying, each year the three of us go to El Caveos, located in the southern half of the Gulf of Mexico. The caves there are spectacular. What I enjoy most is when we’re, say, 100 feet underwater, I love cutting the tubes to Katie’s scuba tank or pulling her mouthpiece out. I do it personally because I enjoy seeing bubbles. You just don’t see bubbles that far underwater…not to mention they’re HUGE! Katie believes I do it as a joke to make her bald son laugh. Of course, she takes it the wrong way, but by the time she makes it to the surface she’s too desperate for air that she doesn’t have time to get upset. Silly Katie.
Up There was released sometime this morning. As you know, I enjoy games with the “ADD crowd” in mind (my attention span is no different than that of a goldfish). The object of the game is to aid a balloon out of it’s cage some old mean bitch put it in. It’s actually a lot of fun and very fast paced. If you’re looking for a deuce dropper to replace Papi, look no further. (The high scores amaze me…I can only make it to the tree. Either there’s some really good players out there or a lot of people in need of a laxative). 



AppAttack :D

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