Review the Reviewer


What if I take a wild concept and do a review over a review?! Would that not be crazy?! Well put this in your pipe and smoke it…or don’t, your mother loves you.



Before I offend any of my UK friends, I had a roommate in college from Manchester. He’s one of the most entertaining, funny, “never shy” kind of guys that was always great to be around. Plus his accent alone would have got him laid every day of the week had he not had such a huge heart. His name is Andrew “Andy” Trudgeon if any of my readers are from Manchester…look him up and buy him a beer for me. Great guy. One quick story: we were in line at Burger King one day and he looked at me and asked, “Hey man…what the fuck you gonna get?” in an every day normal tone. A father and his daughter in front of us turned around and looked at him in complete shock. I reminded him that we don’t use the word “fuck” in every sentence like he usually did. His response: “Are you fucking serious?”. Priceless.








Like all my lonely Saturday nights, I spend most of the evening perusing the App store looking for a quick fix. I can’t help it…I need psychiatric advice. Normally I look for the 99c buys because a dollar really isn’t that important to me. Alright, I’m broke half the time because of the damn App store so, YES, a dollar is important…but after a few beers you forget this little fact. I came across the game Debugger and found it to be interesting. And like all good shoppers I read the reviews although they’re not always useful. Take a look at review number 3 above. Is that not pathetic?! It takes maybe 4 minutes to write a review. One minute to write it, 2 minutes to check your spelling and another to send it. It’s that easy…but not for this guy. I imagine the reviewer is some ADHD caffeinated kid loaded on Monster drinks and Fun Dip candy,  uncontrollably hacking away at his keyboard while his mom’s banging some dude in the other room. Or if you wanna have fun alone (like I do every day of my life) read their review out-loud with a high pitched British accent. But you gotta say it loud…it sounds hilarious. And what about the game itself?




For mature adults (unlike myself), you may be frustrated you bought it and write a shitty review like the guy above. It’s not a bad game at all, it’s just very simple. If you’re a parent and have a young boy or boy-like daughter, I’m certain they’ll get a kick out of it. (It helps to take a screenshot like I did above and then play). The bugs are truly well rendered…maybe in a future update you can squish them, guts and all, instead of blowing them up? For 99c this is an easy distraction for parents or a frustrating purchase for the illiterate.


AppAttack :D   

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  1. March 5th, 2009 at 6:53 am

    amhealy says:

    Please don’t insult ADHDers with comments like that. People with ADHD aren’t that stupid.

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