For intense, in your face action, you can’t afford to miss Rolando. Based on the thrilling fictional series by acclaimed author and former Navy Seal Jim Serrington, Rolando is kicking ass and taking names…in blood.

When Andrew McClay’s wife is attacked by a vicious gang of pitbulls (owned by the evil drug lord Lewis Chesino) one afternoon while jogging, he has no choice but to seek revenge. You play Andrew, a former CIA member, who’s down on his luck but trying to get his life back. With 30 levels of intense, bloody action, it’s hard to put this game down. Starting from Andrew’s living room where the pizza delivery guy turns out to be an assassin, you must work your way up the ranks until you get to Lewis Chesino’s inner office, located in a sleezy stripclub. With intense hand to hand combat, awesome bullet control physics and some incredible CGI cutscenes, I can say without a doubt, this game will be the #1 game this year for the iPhone. I can also say that I’m making every bit of this up and that it’s not at all what Rolando is about. At all. I have a problem lying sometimes. What I can say, is that Rolando has been a true pleasure to play and I really recommend it. Cute graphics plus fun puzzles make it a true gem to keep on your phone. I wouldn’t miss this one if I were you…take the plunge and pick it up!


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