Better to Listen than to Speak

This game is for the time your girlfriend, mother, best friend, telemarketer, me…etc. ramble. It’s a game you quickly start up, see if you can stack’em to the top, then be on your way. A great, quick little distraction that can be picked up anytime. The price is perfect and the quality of game is excellent. Each block is a unique character that has their own facial expressions (that actually help with placement…SHHH!!).

To the LEFT!

To the LEFT!













This developer thought the game out and derived a really great end product. It stands alone (HAHAHAHA!! Pun INTENDED!! Where do I come up with this?! LOL ROFL LOL OMG LOL WTF FTW) in the App store. For the asking price, you can’t beat this game. When _____ starts to talk your ear off, just tap, and go. But be sure to add the occasional “Mmm Hmmm” and “So what’d she say?” when others are talking, just to be safe ;) . Topple will keep you entertained for minutes, but in this busy world, games like this are a nice interruption.


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