Fake Call


If you’ve ever seen me at a party, you know how unbearably awkward it is for me in social situations. I scream like a girl when people are talking mid-sentence. I can’t hug a beautiful girl without getting aroused. And I drool constantly…only because my teeth are too big for my mouth.

As I’ve said a hundred times before, what I do for a living is work at PetSmart. It’s my job to remove the strings of feces from goldfish anuses so that more children will buy them. Today at work, a little bastard was pointing out the fact that I wasn’t doing my job right. So I decided to initiate Fake Call and what do you know, it worked!!! The little shit totally believed that Santa was trying to call me! Hahaha! If you need an excuse to get away from someone that won’t shut up (or you lack the guts to tell them to STFU) then this application works flawlessly. I don’t see why it’s received such a negative response in iTunes. Be sure and change the name of the caller or it will literally say “Fake Caller”…completely ruining it’s purpose.


AppAttack :D

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