I’ve recently learned what “turtle sniping” means. It has to do with Loot Wars so you probably could care less. But do you know what “turtle head” means?

It’s the head of a turtle….what’d you think it meant? I’ve somewhat given up downloading every new app that farts in my face. Christmas will be here soon and I need at least 12 dollars to buy my family a bucket of chicken (is that too much or am I just cheap?). Sure, I’d like to buy them something more memorable but I’ve spent all my money on me. Not to mention all of those really crappy applications that now clutter my hard drive space. To keep an eye on new applications and price drops, I highly recommend you pick up AppSniper. It tells you about all the new apps available and let’s you watch certain apps for price cuts. It’s amazing how many new ones come out each day…a lot of new ones that should never, ever see the light of day. Back in your hole, turtle heads!!!


AppAttack :D

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